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We take online safety with upmost seriousness and we are aware of fraudsters and their ways of exploiting customers, including scammers sending text messages and email pretending to be ikollet or simply trying to guess your password for your account. Below are our tips to help you stay safe online.

Use Strong Password

Your email account contains lots of private information about you, and is sometimes linked to other online accounts you utilise. If your email account is compromised, all of your other passwords are can often be reset. So, it is very vital you secure your email account with a robust password that is different to other online account.

  • The longer the better.
  • Avoid using dictionary word.
  • Use a mix of characters.
  • Use a password manager and a random password generator.
  • Careful who you trust.

Don’t Save Password in Public Computer

Using a public system or free wifi can open your device to attack, avoid accepting unnecessary cookies or opening a sensitive information with them. Also make your device aware it a public network to help security and don’t click on the save or remember me features on the website.

Keep Your Device Updated

We know how important out devices is to us, especially when shopping online. So we need to make sure the devices don’t have any weakness that can be exploited. To protect sensitive informations on your device, the latest software and app for device need to be use. Alway update your device, you can use the automatic update features to help your save time.

Avoid Phishing

Be careful of any suspicious requests pushing you to give your personal details or information, or offering you products or services that seems too good to be true. It is mostly a phishing scam.

If you receive such dodgy email, don’t open the link and definitely don’t open the attachments. Simply forward it to the Suspicious Email Reporting Service report@phishing.gov.uk where professionals will take care of it, for you.

If you receive a dodgy text, don’t reply. Just forward it to 7726 (UK only)

Finally, if a number calling you looks suspicious, don’t answer – it could cost on your phone bill.

General Advice

  • Log out of your account after every session on a public or shared device.
  • Do not auto-fill or remember card information or credentials on a public or shared device.
  • Always use websites with the secure padlock symbol.
  • Report lost or stolen cards immediately to your bank.
  • Always check you are shopping with trusted retailers and only use secure sites

Don’t worry, help is at hand if something goes wrong. Here are some useful links:

For the UK only: National Cyber Security Centre 

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